Reviews & Analysis

Reviews and Analysis of current industry trends and newsmakers is not only enriching but also initiates the thought process of the students. At Jain College of MCA & MBA, reviews and analysis forms the core of our learning concept.

Current Business Review

Everyday ½ an hour of discussion from Economic Times newspaper, revolving around the most needed 4 aspects of business.

Designed to be a forum for open discussion which includes wider dissemination of current management and business practices and research drawn from around the globe but with an emphasis on Asian and Indian perspectives.

In CBR, students would discuss current events in various categories like stocks and shares, foreign currency exchange, business articles of national and international nature in teams of 8 to 10. The session would end with an analysis based on the points discussed.

News Reviews

The College subscribes to Economic Times with a copy to every student and the class commences with Current Business Review with a group of students presenting a review of headlines and editorial. This also includes a weekly business quiz based on the week’s news.

Book Reviews

Students select management-related classics and conduct a thorough analysis of their content, background, and learning. They need to review and review, and further preview the book, and determine and understand the theoretical concepts and principles behind it. JCMM spans a dedicated place called “Break out room” which gives the students a peaceful and dedicated space to be voracious readers

Concept Reviews

A methodology wherein research is conducted by observing and analyzing already present information on a given topic. Conceptual research doesn’t involve conducting any practical experiments. It is related to abstract concepts or ideas. This will Shows the readers how different elements come together to facilitate research and a clear understanding of results. At JCMM the subject faculty takes care of this by offering them the most trending concepts to review and contemplate upon