Value Added Programmes

At Jain College of MCA and MBA, workshops and seminars are conducted throughout the year. Experts from industry and academicians are invited to deliver lectures to our students. Students are also encouraged to organize seminars & give presentations to improve their technical and presentation skills.


In order to initiate students into the process of research they are made to undertake a project based on secondary research on variety of topics.

They are prepared to present technical and managerial perspectives of their area of studies.


Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself

John Dewey

We at JCMM follow a healthy initial start to boost the mindsets with old school to new school and help them gear up to the challenges. As you begin a busy year, it helps to clarify your priorities. Classwork and learning are time consuming, but making your education and coursework a priority creates a valuable habit that will continue to serve you well in your professional life. Great employees add value to their organizations by continuing to learn and apply what they’ve learned in their respective fields back in JCMM and who can be best sources to add this value to you – the corporates themselves.

A week’s orientation session for the new would-be managers and entrepreneurs called PARIGRAHA is designed taking in view the need of the hour from the experts of the industry who address the students at JCMM to give them the initial launch pad.


The distinction between “assistant” and intern” is a simple one: assistants are paid, interns are not. But of-course interns are paid, in experience

Joyce Carol Oates, Beasts

Internships are very important part of our education program, first and foremost. In setting up professional internships, not only will we be able to offer students a chance to work with industry professionals, but the students also will be able to take the theory they learn in the classroom and put it into practice here, in whichever activity they’re focused. At JCMM we strive to make the students industry ready by giving them a platform where practicing becomes their preach.  Post their third semester the university offers them a 2-month internship in organisation, which are in most cases converted into a job offer

Industrial Visits

Sloth makes all things difficult, but industry all things easy

Benjamin Franklinn

With an aim to go beyond academics, industrial visit provides student a practical perspective on the world of workIndustrial visit is considered as one of the tactical methods of teaching. The main reason behind this, it lets student to know things practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. At JCMM we have been working on a dual model of Industrial visits. First mode is every semester witness atleast one industrial visit, second mode is one where the students are sent to a national long industrial visit, locations covered so far are Kerela, Hyderabad, Mahabaleshwar, Goa to name a few

Live Projects

Only that education deserves emphatically to be termed cultivation of the mind which teaches young people how to begin to think

Mary Wollstonecraf

Live projects are basically to develop employment abilities in students and to provide industrial experience and insights. It’s considered as the most pragmatic way for MBA graduates to apply their management knowledge in a real-time environment. And, it also allows them to understand how their jobs going to be like once they finish their programme. At JCMM we provide live projects based on subject requirement, every faculty is working towards the same objective by bring in more nuances to their pedagogy

Online Certifications

Not adding value is the same as taking it away

Seth Godin

Certification Course helps an individual to showcase his competency, commitment for the profession, build expertise in his professional subject area, and helps with job advancement. It is a designation earned by a student giving a kind of assurance to the company of his competencies of performing a job. At JCMM we have a close association with Coursera, LinkedIn learning, NASSCOM association. NTPEL certification. All these bodies provide certification into various sects of industry which are the then present need of the hour works

Club Activities

As a concluding part of orientation the students undergo ALP – an outbound training programme on group dynamics, leadership, decision making, crises management and social responsibility.

These are conducted by training experts and held in natural environment.

In-House Management fest (Pravatak)

Tell me, and I forget, teach me, and I may remember, involve me and I learn

Benjamin Franklin

These golden words can be aptly related to a student’s journey, starting their admission in college and emerging as a high-spirited leader.  The vibrant college life is incomplete without a fest and constitutes a major part of the life of students.  A college festival augments a student’s practical learning experience. Many students take the initiative and become a part of the internal committees of colleges. One Such experience that JCMM builds for you is PRAVARTHAK, A in-house management fest curated by a senior batch of students for the freshers to imbibe them into the fest culture at JCMM. A two day event ends with a FRESHERS PARTY to break the ice between the batches and build rapport among themselves.

Intercollegiate level Fun fest (JCMM Extravaganza)

Competition brings out the best in persons and the worst in people

David Sarnoff

Work can best be done in a gamified fashion.  JCMM always wants the students to keep the gamezone within going. It helps them to build managerial skills, hospitality skills and most of all it develops the futuristic leaders among them.  JCMM extravaganza is an intercollegiate fest designed to find the leaders, the masters in youngsters for the graduate students, It’s a blend of management and fun activities. 

Jain Premier League(JPL)

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.

Michael Jordan

A replica of IPL, but with a twist in the tail, bringing in the JCMM flavor and making it the most favored event at JCMM. With a lot of excitements, cheer teams, heart burns, wordy wars, to heated strategies, this JPL witnesses the best of the sportsmanship spirit in the students.