Director’s Message

Message from our Director's

Jain College of MCA and MBA, Belgaum has been initiated with a mission to foster an intellectual and ethical environment in which both spirit and skill will thrive so as to impart high quality technical and business education with an innovative outlook. Our goal is to create leaders of substance who will rise above the ordinary and set benchmarks in their chosen fields. Our approach rests on three important pillars i.e. people, programmes and place. You will have one of the best mentor teams who will not only guide you but also bring the best in you.

The programmes offered at Jain College of MCA and MBA have much more than the University curriculum, they are enriched with a lot of finer aspects which are vital for your growth in every sphere. All this in the vibrant city of Belgaum renowned for its pleasant climate, strategic location, rich history, cultured society and emerging opportunities.

Welcome to Jain College of MCA and MBA, Belgaum and explore the whole new world of opportunities.

Prof. Uday Chandra

Director – The JGI Group

 We foster innovation, creativity and teamwork.

Prof. R. G. Dharwadkar

Director – The JGI Group

As we stand on the threshold of what has been defined as the knowledge era, education is experiencing a paradigm shift. Education today is not just the means of enlightenment but also the means of empowerment to build the future. Today competence is measured on the basis of an individual’s ability to convert knowledge into skills to achieve a specified goal.

Jain College of MCA and MBA, Belgaum intends to maintain impeccable standards and provide quality education with meticulous planning, hard work, sincerity and love towards teaching students. The college aims to mould students into competent individuals who can convert information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom with perfect harmony between intellect, attitude and values.

With this, I welcome you all for an exciting journey of learning and growth.