Rendezvous with Industry Experts

First Impression Skills - Flt Lt Deeksha Shukla (Retd)

The next seminar in the Right Hour Domain was organised on “First Impression Skills” on 13th May. The speaker for the session was Flt Lt Deeksha Shukla (Retd) who addressed on creation of first impressions in the corporates. She spoke about the importance of non-verbal impressions and body language being more essential along with the content of your talk thus stressing on First Impressions are powerful and lasting.

Challenges faced by HR in a manufacturing organisation - Mr. Nitesh Vernekar, HR Manager at Balu India

A One-day seminar on “Challenges faced by HR in a manufacturing organisation” was organised as a first lap of the series on 12th May. The speaker for the session was Mr. Nitesh Vernekar, HR Manager at Balu India and is currently working at Ashok Iron group- Navage Plant. He is also a Head CSR at Jaybharat. The guest conducted the session for 1.5 hours and spoke on the challenges that are faced by the HR in the industry and how as an MBA student we have to learn to deal with the situations that come our way in the future.

Workshop on Digital Marketing - Resource person Rajesh Deshpande, Pune

At JCMM, we continuously strive to bring in Industry Experts to share knowledge and train our students on various management aspects. We know that, Excellence does not stop with just learning new things hence JCMM gives an opportunity for its students to have a peek in the reality of the present market. Knowledge has no value until the children of tomorrow do not identify and appreciate its applications in the real world. With every expert reaching the students, it only helps them to learn about market trends, the skills and qualifications employers are looking, their recruitment processes, and how to stand out in today’s competitive job market. So, before a JCMM student graduates, he/she has already tested the water and now ready to swim far and away.