Chairman’s Message

Message from our Chairman

These days the choice of MBA and MCA programmes is extensive. As you seek out which programme is the best for you, it is important to choose the one that meets not only your professional goals and personal aspirations but the one that delivers to you as an individual. It is not just about what the MBA or MCA can bring to your career, it is about the new thinking and skills that you learn and how they can broaden your horizons.

The programmes offered at Jain College of MCA and MBA are an intense and rewarding experience. They are challenging, stimulating and relevant. In many instances, they are life-changing. Embark on the Jain College of MCA and MBA programmes and you will encounter an enriching experience that will shape your decisions and actions throughout your life.

Welcome to Jain College of MCA and MBA.

  Embark on a life-changing and career enhancing experience!​

Dr. R. Chenraj Jain

Founder Chairman – The JGI Group