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Club Mania @ JCMM

JCMM has a host of activities that it conducts every week for the betterment of the student community. These activities are stream lined and channelized through CLUBS. These clubs are group of students who participate and organize the events every Saturday, there are SIX clubs. Each club has 10 members each, with a club president, vice president heading the club functions. They are named as “Commandos”, “Snipers”, “Rangers”, “Force-One”, “Delta Forces” & MI-6. Each club president organizes events on every Saturday. Activities revolving around management, finance, HR, marketing, physical tasks and many more, where other 5 clubs participates and fight for the best position. The discipline is maintained on various fronts by all the faculty members like attendance, performance parameters, behavior molding etc… to tract the effective and smooth functioning of the clubs.

There are certificates being given away as rewards and a club General Championship (GC) trophy and some cash prize will be awarded to the best performing club on a cumulative score pattern basis. These clubs activities are infusing a huge amount of confidence among the students who come from various sects and are carrying pre-built inhibitions, so also they help the students to understand the nuances of competitions, persuasive skills and build go-get-it attitudes required in the corporate arena.

Some of the activities conducted by various teams are as follows: Creativity, theme based collage, battle ground, perception, selling, corporate roadies, Ad making, Role plays, mock interviews, bidding and many more to drill the competitive spirit in the students.

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