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Smell Of The Place – Individuals’ Sphere Of Influence

Smell of the Place – Individuals’ Sphere of Influence

The sphere of the influence for an individual in his evolution towards existence or excellence can broadly be listed as

  • Family
  • Spirituality
  • Education
  • Work place
  • Association
  • Nature

Each of these are represented by a set of symbols, concepts, tangibles and beliefs which broadly constitute culture and if we understand culture ‘As all that makes man and intern all that man makes’ they exude the fragrance of life. A closer examination of understanding excellence explains that each of us carry a fragrance, we are smitten with.

Home represents a family and reflects our first idea of the world. Our concept of love and the attitude towards life is inextricably linked to the fragrance of love at home. Any smell of mistrust, betrayal, hatred has its roots at home.  It is important to have fragrance of trust, affection, compassion & empathy at home. All members of the family including living and non living things should radiate the fragrance of trust and love. This shapes individuals’ attitude towards the life.

Spirituality is our connectivity to the ultimate truth. Icons and places of worship are meant to realize the infinite energy creation and truth and also to realize the need to seek purpose and this is attained through unflinching attention on the focus derived from unquestioned devotion. The smell of humility originates in spirituality. ‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakam’ is a concept that we learn from our spiritual understanding. If not same, every element of humanity is equal is a message that should be central to our idea of religion.

Education is not imparting of culture but it is a culture of evolution. If evolution is not conscious process then growth would be non-deliberate and then accidental. The pinnacle of consciousness is attended only in a state of joy and happiness. Therefore place of learning is a source of fragrance of joy. The very purpose of education should make individual humble.

Work Place: Our purpose of existence finds meaning only in being productive, the act of creation, innovation and contribution can be attended only through a sense of purpose. An organization should smell of purposefulness among people. According to Dr. Sumantra Ghoshal, the work force is classified into four categories based on energy and focus at work.

The authors identify four kinds of behavior, according to the levels of energy and focus that an individual displays.

The Frenzied: They are highly energetic but very unfocused and appear to others as frenzied, desperate, and hasty.

The Procrastinators: They postpone the work that really matters to the organization because they lack both energy and focus. They often feel insecure and fear failure.

The Detached: They are disengaged or detached from their work altogether. They are focused but lack energy and often seem aloof, tense, and apathetic.

The Purposeful: They get the job done. They are highly focused and energetic and come across as reflective and calm, amidst chaos.

Association: Our existence in society is justified only with our sense of respect, empathy and relativity among the constituents. An association should represent the sense of discipline and service in recognizing the universality of being humans. This is greatly influenced by our sphere of influence in the family, education and spirituality.

Nature represents beauty, creativity and inseparable bonding of life. Nature liberates and empowers us with its mysteries and infinity. Our sense of wonder exquisiteness, impartiality and being non judgmental arises with an understanding of the universe to be able to enjoy the fragrance of nature is to be natural, innocent and objective.

Sushant Joshi, Dean (Administration), Jain College of MCA & MBA, Belagavi, Karnataka

Email: [email protected] | Cell No : +91 9886635260


Sandeep Nair, Dean (Academics), Jain College of MCA & MBA, Belagavi, Karnataka

Email: [email protected] | Cell no: +91 9986763865


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