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Jugaad Management

Jugaad Management

‘Jugaad’, very commonly and regularly used term in India. In fact it is said that most of the things happen in India is the result of ‘Jugaad’. Governments survive on ‘Jugaad’. Commonwealth Games was hosted by India earlier. The success of the games depended upon ‘Jugaad’. ‘Jugaad’ is basically a quick fix especially in bad situations. Interestingly, many companies in India today consider ‘Jugaad’ as new management style. I came across the new offer by Tata Docomo, one can pay Rs. 20 for a day and he/she gets 200 sms free. Whenever customer wants to avail the SMS service he/she has to pay Rs 20 and get 200 SMS pack for a day. Again ‘Jugaad’.

Few examples of Jugaad Management,

  • A Dhaba (road side restaurant) in Punjab uses a washing machine to make lassi.
  • A Scooter is modified and converted into Floor Mill.
  • A bicycle is used as sprinkler in a farm.

Many more of these little tricks or Innovations are very common in India. Companies may find solution in ‘Juggad Management’ to beat competition, reduce the costs or even manage resources more effectively.

Jugaad Management may finally get the deserved attention and due credit.

Sushant Joshi, Dean (Administration), Jain College of MCA & MBA, Belagavi, Karnataka

Email: [email protected] | Cell No : +91 9886635260

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