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10 Commandments For A Leader

10 Commandments for a Leader

  • Motivation does not work, a leader should create a desire for purposeful action taking.
  • Superficiality is common in all organizations don’t encourage it in your organizations.
  • Avoid hasty promises.
  • Leaders make commitments more difficult instead of trying to make quick buy-ins.
  • Leaders force people to consider conflicts, doubts, anxiety and ambivalence.
  • Leaders must discuss the difficulties rather than painting the rosy picture of necessary task.
  • Leader makes conscious effort to prevent sycophancy and allow constructive criticism.
  • Leaders must identify and prohibit artificial behaviour, talks and most importantly artificial and hence superficial meetings.
  • Reward excellent failures and punish mediocre success.
  • The only Strategy is “Doing Things”.


Sushant Joshi, Dean (Administration), Jain College of MCA & MBA, Belagavi, Karnataka

Email: [email protected] | Cell No : +91 9886635260

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