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JCMM Student Testimonials

Ashwini Khanapur

JCMM is a perfect molding mechanism for students. Based on my personal experience, I can say, the environment makes you develop confidence, focus on career, be good human being and most importantly makes you independent.

Mahadev Angadi

JCMM made me believe, that irrespective of your background be it rural or urban, irrespective of your fluency in English, irrespective of your CGPA, one can be immensely successful. JCMM made be confident, and focused.

Ishika Porwal

Information is something you can get anywhere, but knowledge is something you can gain. There is no teaching but a process of Learning at JCMM.

Shruti Kondi

JCMM – A Journey towards Corporate Success. JCMM has turned is tuned to transform students from different background to come out of their comfort zone and achieve excellence. Faculties are the best. They constantly mould you to fit into corporate culture. From My experience activities like Current Business Review that incubates the culture of learning and analysis on daily basis, exposure to Entrepreneurs and thought leaders from all walks of life helped me develop personality and confidence. This makes JCMM the best B School.

Arindham Samanta

You get an opportunity every now and then, days feel like we are ahead of a rival match, by that time you become a JCMM student for lifelong. JCMM embodied by the intellectual Sculptors, who are the enduring persona of this Institution and we shape the figurine of it.

Bhaskar Sadu

JCMM is house of Wisdom and a Great Place for Bright Future.

Yasha Angadi

JCMM has not only given me an MBA degree but also has greatly helped me develop necessary skills especially Interpersonal Skills. I had a great learning experience from all my Professors which helped me grow in my career. Proud to be JCMM student!

Rucha Adhyapak

JCMM showed helped me find right path to reach my dream profession destination. It made me explore my skills, interest and develop positive attitude. I am proud to be the student of JCMM.

Pooja Kakatikar

At JCMM I gained all that which helped me develop my interests. JCMM provides Positive, Encouraging & Student Centric Environment of Learning.

Manish Goud

JCMM was the right choice in pursuing my career aspirations. The immensely qualified faculty helped me nurture my Skills, knowledge & Discipline. I cherish being a part of JCMM which showed me a pathway with full of opportunities to grow & to be successful in every phase of my life both professionally & personally. I miss my JCMM days, wish I could Time-travel.

Anjali Agarwal

JCMM is a place where you not only become an Efficient Manager but Efficient & Good Human Being.

Atul Mane

JCMM is an Institution that works as a TEAM and lives like a FAMILY and I consider to be lucky to be a member of this FAMILY.

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