Month: September 2015

Wheel of Marketing

Understanding of the terms core competency, competitive advantage, unique selling proposition (USP) and unique consumer perception (UCP) and the relationship between them is very vital for the marketer. Let us understand the terms and marketing cycle with reference to these core concepts Core Competency An area of specialized expertise that is the result of harmonizing … Read more

Jugaad Management

‘Jugaad’, very commonly and regularly used term in India. In fact it is said that most of the things happen in India is the result of ‘Jugaad’. Governments survive on ‘Jugaad’. Commonwealth Games was hosted by India earlier. The success of the games depended upon ‘Jugaad’. ‘Jugaad’ is basically a quick fix especially in bad … Read more

10 Commandments for a Leader

Motivation does not work, a leader should create a desire for purposeful action taking. Superficiality is common in all organizations don’t encourage it in your organizations. Avoid hasty promises. Leaders make commitments more difficult instead of trying to make quick buy-ins. Leaders force people to consider conflicts, doubts, anxiety and ambivalence. Leaders must discuss the … Read more